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to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: the real devastation is too hard to comprehend. it speak for san francisco lives who suffer from the fear of obama loss. this is their sandy. yep, according to sfget a article, "frisco lives" are suffering so much they can't exercise in their home gyms. they suffer from panic attacks. sleepless for days. while east coasters face real danger, they tremble at a world without obama. whose fault is that? sandra fluke didn't work. big bird flounder. smearing romney failed. all they have left is fear. their own. this is what happens when you make politics personal to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. the folks only know hard line progressives so to them it's not an election. it's the war of the worlds. we're like aliens bent on eating their brains. light meal. which is why the obama campaign is courting the same votes over and over again. putting birth control before benghazi is trick-or-treating on skipped ror. continually hitting the same house after all the candy is gone. you preach to the choir without growing it. could there be a link? maybe obama
on an embassy. >> october 8th at a san francisco fund-raiser, he pushes the idea the threat from al-qaeda is waning. >> today al-qaeda is on its heels and osama bin laden is no more. >> the next day, state department provides off camera a blow-by-blow account of the attack. reporters learn that the compound was overwhelmed. fighters armed with machine guns and possibly rocket propelled grenades. congress holds a hearing. and state department officials despite being warned of attacks refused to beef up security in libya. first question is next vice presidential debate. >> i would like to begin with libya. >> and turns questions about what really happened in been gas si into benghazi into a heated issue. >> beyond the controversy our bigger issues. what benghazi reveals about president obama's foreign policy. s copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both
loaf in the next story it is blue skies for san francisco. 2012 world series heating up after thrilling game two in san fransco. giants are up two games to none and dave brigs will be waiting. first he's with the in the stadium with thrilling details of game two. >> yeah, brian. both teams taking the game two two, can three in detroit. and all giants at this point. you may have heard about the prolific combination of cabrera and prince fielder, best combo in baseball has two hits through two games and that's pretty much the series in a nut shell. show you what happened in game two, the game unfolded with one play and no outs and young singles to left field and 30 base had him come home and look out buster posy and they nail fielder at home look at that and looked like posy got him. don't cent him with no outs. and baumgarden who has been disaster for the giants. 7 shut outs. and completely owns the prolific tiger's offense. not a lot of offense on either side of the game. in the sixth or 7th. brandon crawford, bases are loaded and he gets in the double play, and that scores a run to mak
in '66. let's show what you happened last night. top two, really all the offense. this san francisco giants team would need. and it came here, a triple from gregger blanco and he might be the mvp in the series, terrific in left field and comes through with another clutch hit there and 1-zip giants. later on in the inning, blanco would trot home on a crawford single and go up two. that ball misplayed like so many others for the tigers team through this three game series. the biggest play of the night came in the fifth, chance of mvp for triple crown winner, miguel cabrera, bases loaded, popped out, to end the threat. and the mvp, and his buddy, prince fielder, 3 hits combined in three world series games. they are lifeless the pitching has been spectacular for the san francisco giants and it was again last night and vogelsong 5 and 2/3 shutout innings and his career took him to venezuela and japan and he's really battled through it all. two time cy young winner tim lincecum, seven outs, no hits, another candidate for the mvp in the series, 2-zip was your final, sergio romo got the stag
was being filmed. >> only in san francisco will the republican have a peace sign doting the i. >> i think that ad needed to be half that long or 12 minutes long. they have all of this build up and he makes two points and then the ad is over. >> and then the climax is a goat or a sheep running down a road. >> it is heavy on the metaphors. we are supposed to watch and say, let our livestock run free. >> who is this offensive to more nancy pelosi or to the dead? >> to the makers of the demon sheep video. i think politics would be much more tolerable if half of the ads were like this. but the thing that is intolerable is that there is no republicans running for anything in california. it has become a one-party state in many ways. and this guy will not come close. if you can't beat nancy pelosi, right? or even somebody who looks vaguely like nancy pelosi somebody she promised when the health carrie form thing was passed, she promised that there would be four million jobs with this including 400,000 righ
-raisers in san francisco a couple of nights ago that al qaeda is on its heel, he want its to look like for the election that he is winning the war on terrorism. i would rather have him say it's ideology. the problem he has, there is testimony today by one of the witnesses that said that al qaeda's in libya and it's growing. >> yeah. i don't think he can process that reality. i take a different view. i would rather it was a coverup because that indicates a greater proximity to the real world. but i think in his ideological world that as gene kirkpatrick once said, the blame america first mentality. it was that video. we provoked those poor people -- blame america, don't blame them. once the president gets in that drill, he has found it very hard to stop talking about anything other than the video. he can't break free from it. here's another question, though. other than a few preliminary remarks by hillary clinton, also on the video point, where has she been? i still think the great unanswered question is why she wasn't on those five sunday shows -- >> greta: i think she knew better. i t
. authorities say dozens of other passengers suffered minor injuries. >>> the san francisco giants pitched their way to a win over st. louis. the starter looked great and the giants beat the cardinals 5-0 in game five. game six is tomorrow night in san francisco. >>> thank you very much. well, as we've said we're 17 days from the presidential election and both candidates are trying to sway voters in states like florida. mu polls are showing governor romney up three points over president obama in the sunshine state. joining us, florida attorney attorney pam bondy. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> you've been traveling with the governor around florida. what accounts for the turn around showing he's leading in the swing state? >> i've never doubted it for a second and i told governor romney, i was with paul ryan thursday night. we were in fort myers, last night i was in mitt and paul in daytona beach. they drew thousands and thousands of supporters i was with ann romney this morning and they're doing amazing. i've never seen momentum like this in my state. i feel like you can't drive
a dozen times in recent days, including last night at a san francisco fund-raiser. take a listen. >> elmo has been seen in a white suburban, driving for the border. oscar is hiding out in his trash can. we're cracking down on him. >> obama camp not backing down, even rolled out a new ad using big bird in there and they basically say there is a policy point here that they think mitt romney, the debate picked on pbs, said he'd cut that rather than borrowing more money from china. but meanwhile, will not crack down on wall street. so wants to crack down on sesame street. they want to get big bird out of that ad. the obama camp said they're reviewing whether or not to do that. >> shep: bigger picture, what's the thinking about the broad strategy for the president going ahead in this campaign? so many democrats called for him to get tougher, among other things. >> they have. what's interesting is the president himself of this san francisco fund-raiser last night acknowledged that some of the criticism was getting to him, that they heard you were too polite in that debate and he said, look, bas
's size. san francisco's pablo sandoval joining an elite group of sluggers in game 1 of the world series, the third baseman for the giants hit 3 home runs. babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols are the only other players to hit 3 in one series game. the big night helped lead san francisco to an 8-3 win over the detroit tigers. game 2 is thursday night. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. for watching. >> the former head of the cia bin laden unit expressing utter disbelief to the administration's response to the libya attack. >> question number 1 is who with good conscience could sit and watch 7 hours of videos of americans being attacked and no one going to their rescue? >> joining us, our political panel. now -- that's not a good sign that you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary with us with the four of us. you get the first question... the libya impact on the story on the election? >> yeah. i don't know. because it's so close to the election, at this point, the administration is saying, hey, look, this was raw intelligence. it was not a final report. the big proble
are not broaching. >> we are doing an hour on that. >> don't let them leave san francisco. once they cross the bridge it is go time. that's when it is a planet of the apes and not for the apes. >> thanks for the distinct. >>> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news.com. and if you have a video of your animal doing something not boring send it in. go to fox news.com/red eye and click on submit a video. the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by photocopy yes, sir. the machine that makes pipe duplicates of documents and other images quickly and cheaply. >>> we're back. let's see if we have anything wrong so far. hi andy. >> hi, greg. >> how are you? >> great. >> how is the bus? >> great. i won't talk about it. >> we will have to cover. >> i can do my amazing collosal man. >> were there a bunch of factual statements i intoed to correct -- i need to correct? halloween display shows president obama in a web. you said it was cool this thr was a hamel -- there was a hammer on the money bag? it was a dollar sign. part was hid
agenda to speak of and it is not one of partnership but of pass civet. >>> speaking in san francisco yesterday president obama touted his decision to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and to pull them out of afghanistan by 2014. >>> governor romney has a different view. he sain a speech today he doubl down on that belief. said ending the war was a mistake. i disagree. bringing our troops home was the right thing to do. every brave american who wears the uniform of this country should know as long as i am commander-in-chief we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> romney said the root to moral war and potential attacks here at home is a politically pined retreat that brings the afghan people to the same treatment that ravaged their country. >>> from california to the swing state of ohio today romney will be campaigning in iowa. the vice presidential candidates have no scheduled appearance today as they prep for their highly anticipated debate which will be thursday night in kentucky. back to you in new york. >>> thank you, doug. it's time for a look at whose talk
at the united nations. >> there is no video to justify an attack on an embassy. >> october 8th at a san francisco fund-raiser, he pushes the idea the threat from al-qaeda is waning. >> today al-qaeda is on its heels and osama bin laden is no more. >> the next day, state department provides off camera a blow-by-blow account of the attack. reporters learn that the compound was overwhelmed. fighters armed with machine guns and possibly rocket propelled grenades. congress holds a hearing. and state department officials despite being warned of attacks refused to beef up security in libya. first question is next vice presidential debate. >> i would like to begin with libya. >> and turns questions about what really happened in been gas si into benghazi into a heated issue. >> beyond the controversy our bigger issues. what benghazi reveals [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just
of any injuries. >>> take a look at this. that big night right there was a meteor flying over the san francisco bay area. it has not only left its park in the sky, some residents got a piece of the flaming fireball. lisa weber in nevada california says she theirheard a thump on roof. when she check it had out she found this two inch rock. it is a chunk off the meteor. pretty cool. >>> now to some sotories you ca bank on this morning including a tax hike that could effect 163 million americans. lauren simonetti is here. good morning i guess. >> bad news. 163 million workers will likely be hit with a big tax increase regardless of who wins the election. a 2 percent reduction in social security payroll tax is going to expire at the end of the year. say you are making 50,000 dollars a year. you will save the 1,000 dollar tax increase. with two earner family will likely see a $4,600 increase. social security is funded by 12.4 percent tax of wages of 210,000 dollars. it is split between employers and workers. they cut the portion workers pay. the problem is it saved us on average $19 a week
housley. >> from san francisco to san diego, to redondo, california californians are cringing at the pump. >> frustrating. >> in many cases, frustrating fg is the nicest word that drivers use when react to gasoline prices that have spiked in the neighborhood of 52 cents in the last week. >> prices are ridiculous. >> they need a break. it's too high. way too high. >> i try not to drive. gives me quarter of a tank if i need $10 in gas. out of control. >> the official gallon is $4.67 a gallon. highest on record with many stations above $5 for regular unloaded. they blame the cost on higher demand. refinery outages which led to decrease supply. the gas price has politicians scrambling with four weeks until election day. governor brown changed requirement to the less strin jent winter standard to help increase supply. senator dianne feinstein calling for a federal investigation saying the prices are being manipulated. meantime, president obama is raising money across the state. 4-1/2 years after declaring he'd work to solve energy crisis once for all. high prices should remain for week to ten
as an honored guest at game 2 of the world series at san francisco's ballpark. harris faulkner has more. harris? >> jenna, a chance for fans to expect their well wishes to brian stow and see he is doing phenomenally well. even so his life will not be the same as you can imagine. you recall the beatdown outside of dodger stadium that left brian stow with severe brain injuries. doctors said it would be a long road and his life would be different. brian has two children. he used to be a paramedic did. his family says his days are so filled with physical pain. sometimes it feels like he has a broken hand or a broken foot although he doesn't. and brian's memory they say is unpredictable. but he still loves to have fun like attending last night's game 2 of the world series as a guest of the san francisco giants his favorite team. his family says by the way they have an online blog. they wrote recently, when brian's not watching baseball he does carry objection key -- karaoke twice a week and eye the tiger and and genie in a boot tell. about the beating he suffered, two suspects are ordered to stand t
from the university of california at san francisco, second-hand smoke kills more than 42,000 people in the united states each year. that includes some 900 infants. african americans are especially at risk, particularly african-american infants indicating that it all adds up to $6.5 billion in lost productivity but many smokers do not buy it. a poll over the summer shows that one in four smokers say second-hand smoke is very harmful to adults, just one in four compared to 63 percent nonsmoker whose say it is very harmful. now we have the director of the decision of medical ethics at ny's medical center. these big numbers much >>guest: big numbers. the tragedy is people do not think clearly about this. if you are an infant, it does not take a lot of smoke to make you sick so second-hand smoke is bad, particularly for asthma, you are at high risk. a place with a lot of air pollution, imagine the los angeles smock and cigarette smoke, this is bad news. second-hand smoke is not good. >>shepard: you wonder what this leads to and you would think more regulations are on the way >>guest: i w
swing in los angeles and tonight in san francisco. that night he was talking in front of stevie wonder, and katy perry, saying they perform flaw lessly, and he told the americans he could walk on water. they used all the metaphors to exalt this plan and to have people worship the leader. what is happening now, people understand the emporor has no clothes, the economy is a disaster in large part thanks to him and his destructive policy. we want someone who is going to fix this. we want a human being, a competent and brilliant person. >>eric: do you sense panic? are the donors panicking? >>guest: there is a lost buyers' remorse, the big celebrities are diehard democrats on the far left anyway, and they are worried about their guy at this point. they should be. the name of the book is "what the (bleep) just happened." >>eric: think bo dietl was fired up about the new airport patdowns before? a new report has him fuming. .. >>eric: a new report slamming screeners at a new jersey airport with the flying public only getting a proper patdown 80 percent of the time and screeners removed banned
at 9:00 tonight. he told the reporters in san francisco last night some want him to take the gloves off but he made clear he did not think much of governor romney's first debate performance. >> after the debate i had a bunch of folks say, don't be so plight, don't be so nice. i want everyone to understand something. what was mean for them wasn't leadership. that is salesmanship. >>reporter: he made clear the president didn't think much of his own debate performance, or wasn't happy and he will make adjustments before the second debate next week. >>shepard: after the big bird funding crisis what does sesame street say? >>reporter: they don't like big bird being involved. obama for america says they reviewing a request from the sesame workshop to stop airing the ad. on the web site the workshop posted this explanation and i quote, "sesame workshop and nonpartisan and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. we approved no campaign ads adsd have requested the ad be taken down." the republican national convention charged the president with eight mentions of big bi
. it was disturbing. >> eric: see all of you >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy or known in certain parts of san francisco, greg gutfeld. now to tom shalou, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. mitt romney manages to disc both pbs and nickelodeon in the same week. i don't know why he hates children so much. maybe it is because so many will grow up to be women, minorities and poor people, his mortal enemies. and a texas school district is forcing students to wear radio tracking chips and civil libertarians are crying foul. but don't they cry foul when adults are implanted with chips too? you can't make them happy. and come on down. the price is right -- "the price is right" names its first ever male spokes model. i don't know where this leads us as a culture, but i'm sure on a slippery slope. andy? >> see you at the half. let's welcome our guests. i am here with remi spencer. and it is gavin mcguiness, writing fore "talking ma g.com" and street carnage.com." and bill schulz who thinks he is on "glee" and it is dennis neil. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> so does
that because you were a prosecutor in san francisco. >> yeah. >> bill: the sociopathic increaser narcissus and almost delewd themselves, i didn't do it. no, no. i didn't too it. and they almost talk themselves into it. deep in their heart they got to know. >> they really think they're the victims in this case and i worked extensively with child abuse cases prosecuting those and people like this actually physically disgust me. >> bill: they disgust everybody. >> i think they should amend the law. like life isn't good enough for this guy. >> bill: you know what? i just want to make a comment, i'm against the death penalty. but if you commit a heinous crime like murder or rape orlesd sentence you to hard labor. >> this isn't a lot of time, relatively speaking. >> bill: this guy, sandusky, he's going to be in solitary. he's not -- because if he's walking around, somebody will kill him. >> right. >> bill: like jeffrey dahmer. how long did he last? 15 minutes. >> it's the most represencible crime. >> bill: they'll kill him if they see him. this guy will be rotting in the chill and well he should
, this is probably not the night they bargained for. while members of a san francisco bachelor party were forced to end their evening in life vests. >> definitely scary but -- >> but memorable. >> it was quite memorable. >> a bachelor party you will never forget. >> yeah, really. and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. >> welcome back. it's bottom of the hour. time for a quick check of the headlines a new federal push to stop a violent street gang making it illegal to do business with ms-13. the feds hoping to cripple the gang by cutting off its finances. >> officials say the u.s. is in a cyber war with iran. they have recently hit u.s. banks and energy companies and there are concerns future attacks could get more so fist indicate the. >> right now the space shuttle endeavour is headed to a new home at a los angeles museum. they are telling some residents to stay indoors to avoid getting hit. it's a tight squeeze. don't anybody move. >> tough to not want seeing that move down the street. >
boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >>> this is a fox news alert. i'm harris faulkner in new york. two u.s. navy vessels collided off the eastern coast of the united states. we are are learning a u.s. nuclear sub marine and another american war vessels st. louis were involved. this is file picture of the uss montpelier that was involved in the accident. we are not exactly sure where. as we learn more we will let you know. so far are no reports of any injuries. the extent of damage to the ships not yet known. they are bel evaluated right now. they were doing a routine training at the time and the incident is under investigation at this hour. some rough weather threatening our nation's mid section tonight mainly because of a very cold front stretching from texas up to the great lakes region. severe rain, windstorms is already hitting parts of kansas and
, a big game today. >> this was on fox, san francisco 49ers having outscored the last two opponents, 79-3. they're homes against the giants and the rematch, with the giants won, across the country and beat them again, and handily. and the giants looking very good. >> harris: let's talk about dallas and my family is there and 11 cousins in dallas metro. >> i don't know, talk to jerry jones. the cowboys are not-- >> talk to jerry jones? he doesn't carry the ball. >> and they fell behind and last lost in the end. the cowboys lost and lost lewis, for the year. >> harris: i saw that on twitter, you tweeted it out. the detroit tigers, and go up two games and win both against the yankees in alcs. won today 3-0. derek jeter as you know, broke his ankle in game one and the yankees, kano, the bombers supposed to be hitting the ball, they do know the and tigers go up 2-0 and go back to detroit. >> that video was so hard to
. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com >> mike: my next guest is a very distinguished republican member of congress who was the speaker of the house. he understands how these congressional investigations go. and i'm anxious to get his perspective on that and many other things and that is why he is here. please welcome former house speaker newt gingrich. [ applause ] >> mike: i want to get to the heart of this investigation that is going on in congress. how plausible is it that the president of the united states was unaware of requests for security in one of the hottest places on our diplomatic map, libya? >> well, let me say, first of all, that i think it is very plausible that this president didn't know anything before the attack because he had been skipping 60% of h his briefings. so it strikes me as very, very likely that obama didn't have a clue. and that biden didn't have a clue. it. it is inconceivable
.d. cards to anyone regardless of their immigration status and something that's been done in san francisco and oakland, california. what will it look like, their hair color, their eye color, their street dress to show that they have a physical address of where they live. they wouldn't have to say whether they were in here legally or illegally and has a lot of critics upset about that. >> alisyn: and they can also be used as atm cards and used as atm cards and what the mayor believes and why he's justified doing this, regardless of legal or permanent status because he says it will cut down on crimes. the fewer immigrants, legal or otherwise, won't carry cash. and illegal immigrants as well as immigrants who are new to the country do carry around a lot of cash and haven't sorted out the banking system and he believes it will cut down on crime. >> dave: what about the immigration status. they would get them regardless of the status. i hope it would identify them as illegal-- >> it won't jo the point is to identify who is here-- >> it amendment to do with immigration. >> dave: shouldn't it? >>
it drives up the coast of san francisco. >> bill: never thought of that carolla. this is why we have you on. >> greatest gig in america. >> bill: did you ever smoke cigarettes in were you ever a smoker at all. >> as i told my doctor who said how often do you drink and i said not very often. and they said how often and i said maybe every day. and then he said how often do you smoke and i said i don't smoke. and then i said well, only when i drink. yes, i will chip away at a cigarette if i have enough cocktails in me. >> bill: all right, so if you are drinking then you reach for the tobacco. now the city of del ray beach rg florida, nice town, will not hire anybody who smokes cigarettes. this seems to be what to you? >> it's like we have declared a war on smokers. smokers are per rye pry pariahs in this. einstein smoked a pipe, keith richards, another one of historical great smokers. we had a lot. >> bill: humphrey bogart. >> john wayne, tons of great smokers. i had this thought the other day, smokers on a social just pariah standpoint lower are looked down more upon than deadbeat dads. than
interview with the cbs station in san francisco, senator feinstein, the head of f the senate intelligence community leaves the blame with the nation's top intelligence officer and called imout by name in the interview. >> general clapper put out some speaking points on the initial intelligence assessment. that was possibly a mistake. >>reporter: that made a link to the youtube video clip. and senator feinstein believes the president's statement in the rose garden condemning acts of terror, covered benghazi in our opinion. >>shepard: tomorrow night fox has a program on the attack in libya, bret baier is hosting what they call a "special report investigation," airing on 10:00. the next time you send a text while driving a cop could be watching from above. the feds are spending big bucks in some states to keep an eye on what drivers are doing behind the wheel. they are very, very busy. watching you from the sky, to make sure you don't...text! and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to th
. >> in an interview with the cbs affiliate in san francisco, senate intelligence committee chairman, dianne feinstein, appeared to blame the obama administration shifting account of the benghazi murders on the natio nation's top spy. >> i think what happened the director of national intelligence which we call the dni, who is a very good individual, former head of the defense intelligence agency, general jim clapper. put out some speaking points on the initial intelligence assessment. that was possibly a mistake. >> since 9/11, director clapper remained silent. however, on september 28, clapper spokesman sean turner issued a state in the his own name acknowledging only that the intelligence community at some unspecified point revived the assessment. privately intelligence veterans complain of being thrown under the bus. >> when people in consulate saw armed men attacking, there were no protesters. why did it go on? >> we were told by intelligence committee. >> kerry, the long island resident whose question about benghazi provoked intense exchange between president obama, mitt romney and moderator cand
. >> october 8, san francisco fundraiser, president obama pushing the idea that the threat from al-qaeda is waning. >> today, al-qaeda is on appeal. usama bin laden is no more. [ applause ] >> then the next day, october 9, the state department provides off-camera a blow-by-blow account of the benghazi attack. reporters learn the compound was overwhelmed by an organized assault. fighters armed with machine guns, mortars an possibly rocket-propelled grenades. october 10. congress holds contentious hearing on the attack in libya. americans learn that the state department officials despite being warned of escalating attacks refuse to beef up security in libya. >> shocking revelation, made the first question in the next night's vice presidential debate all but inevitable. >> i would like to begin with libya. >> turned questions about what really happened in benghazi in to one of the most heated issues of the presidential campaign. >> beyond the controversy over who said what, our r bigger issues. next, "special report" investigates what benghazi reveals about president obama's foreign p
people. but the real problem in san francisco, you can walk around nude. and they just banned walked into a restaurant in the nude. in louisiana you don't have half of the problem they had. >> i see that as a blessing. >> should the government be involved in what you are wear ?g. >> i think you are being a little harsh. i walk around in pajamas all day, but no one knows because you wear a b burr caw on top. should we ban newspapers and is that a first amendment issue? >> is this the 19th century? i continue believe they are banning this. what two consulting people do at home -- oh wait, they are banning pj's. i got it now. completely didn't read the story. >> can we admit nobody wears pajamas anymore? men wear gym shirts and sweatpants. and women wear the guy's gym shirt and sweatpants. >> that's not true. >> you still wear pajamas ? >> that's none of your business. >> turn off the camera. >> the pajama industry is a big industry. you are probably hurting american jobs by having this conversation. >> pajamas is an indian word, dana. >> men wear the bottoms and girls wear the tops. >>
that justifies an attack on an embassy. october 8th at a san francisco fundraiser he pushes the idea it is winged. >> al qaeda is on a field and osama bin laden is no more. then the next day october 9th the state department offers a blow by blow account of the benghazi attack. the compound was overwhelmed fighters armed with machine guns and maybe more. americans learn that state department officials despite being warned refuse to beef it up for olivia. ? the next night's presidential debates all inevitable. turned it into one of the most heated issue. >> who said what are bigger issues. suspicion report investigates what has he revealed about president obama's foreign policy. >>. >> bret: is it smart diplomacy or gliti >> chief intelligence correspondence katherine harrage asks if you are reluctant to call terrorism by it's name can you ever defeat the terrorists? >> we have no information to suggest it was a preplanned attack. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. >> d
. monster energy drink death-related. >> a woman from the san francisco bay area says last week she heard a noise on the roof. it was a chunk of a meteor landing on her home. she did not think anything at first and she read a newspaper article on meteors and looked around and found a rock. the experts at nasa say it is legitimate and it left something on the roof, a dip, so they will call the insurance agent. now the dow, the final bell will ring in three seconds. talk aut
am a san francisco giants fan and there is an alternative. but they hear the candidates talking about the broad themes of what is our role in the world? what should we be doing with the enormous economic --. >>neil: so the economy should come up? >>guest: we we -- my old boss, bill clinton --. >>neil: respond to pick big earlier. >> given the stuff he said for two years running for president and the real record of the president, this shouldn't be erased, the only reason it is, is that americans are impatient and want things done day before yesterday and they all to understand, they don't understand why the economy is not great. >>neil: he was trying to say the reason why this is going slow . >>guest: that sounds like a white house press secretary, what the president meant to say. >>neil: what do you thick -- think of that? it takes time. >>guest: it takes time. >>neil: he didn't say that about george bush sr.? >>guest: you have a 24/7 news cycle people get anxious and they see an acceleration of their expectations. >>neil: he was trying to sayen should "chill." >>guest: and look at th
back once again. san francisco beating the cardinals 9-0 during a downpour to reach the world series. it's the second straight series the giants have won the last three games. they host the tigers in game one tomorrow night. >> it wouldn't be a debate without romney and obama's tradition. playing jenning ga wi-- jenga wh five of his grand kids. fit fuelled up with his favorite meal a peanut butter and honey sandwich. the first lady dined on steak and potatoes. that's the meal they shared before the second debate. that's your 5@5:00. >>> now it is time for the dpooirgs weather update. >> we have extreme heat. ahead of the see winds out of the south. that is keeping things warm. today's high temperature in minneapolis 70 degrees, 85 in dallas and 84 in san antonio. well above average in that part of the country. significant drop in temperatures. as far as rain goes we are expecting generally dry weather. there will be showers and storms across northeast the great lakes region and portions of the midwest. more rain showers widespread from california up into parts of the northern rockies
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that it now. >> the san francisco giants, a group of really large men that live in the bay area. i go there and stay with them sometimes. >> do you really? >> they are great. >> castro or hate? >> all over the castro. why go anywhere else? >> i hear you, buddy. >> clothing optional. go away. >>> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that girl scouts roast marshmellows over her. i am here with jedediah jedediah bila. and he is so tough his bath towels are made of sand paper. he is terry sapor, u.s. army special forces. and he is considered a bargain, bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary were a trumpet, band geeks would blow him at a football game. it is john gibson, host of the radio program, the john gibson show. named after john gibson on fox news radio weekdays at noon eastern. blal >> was it an offer he can't refuse or a kind of snooze? on wednesday, an actual day of the week donald trump came clean on the bombshell he was teasing for days on end. that's basically a dare. after taking credit for the president releasing his long-tomorrow -- long-form birth certificate he promi
, they are both great teams. >> um-huh. >> san francisco, they came. [cheers] >> they won. and did the traditional white house visit. detroit beat. [cheers] they beat my white sox out of a pennant. they are outstanding team. >> bill: it's 10 days before the vote. mr. president, we are here for you on the factor, the whole hour. >> not one question on libya. they covered. >> bill: can't blame jalen mow know. his job is to entertain the people. >> he he did cover some substance. >> bill: is he not going to be confrontational to these guys. he wants them to come on to the program. here is what is interesting. he didn't get big ratings with that i was on letterman up against the president. i don't know how -- you know we will know which week who won. but, last night gutfeld, on -- what's this william show, rock center. 30 rock is alex baldwin. i can't tell the difference between the two programs. anyway, the factor as i mentioned beat this program. the cable factor. fox news channel, channel 87 in wichita kansas, beats the nbc and they are at 10 and we are 8. they are much bigger audience. not only di
of the world series is tonight. san francisco giants take on the detroit tigers in detroit. giants lead two-nothing. starting at seven : 30 eastern on fox. those are the top stories, back to you. >> a lot of anxious fannings are looking forward to that one. this a father of one. americans . american that died speaks out. saying it is murder. molly has more on what the president and not saying. >> fox learned that the americans under fire in the consulate in the cia annex in benghazi asked it is cia to send in back ups three times . were told all three timings. president obama was can and he repeated an investigation is ongoing. >> everybodiitate department and our military and cia and you name it had number one priority making sure people are safe. these are our folks and on out what happened . we'll make sure that we are identifying those who carried out the terrible attacks. the battle for the cianex went on four hours and enough time for military support to arrive but it didn't com. cia ins that it did not deny the request. a spokeswoman said no one in any level of the cia told anybody n
. >>> let's talk about sports now. a clean sweep for san francisco. look at the celebration here. >> the giants won it all. >> having a good time.ts beatin 4-3 in 13 innings to go on to win the world series. pablo sand ball was named the world series mvp. the second championship in three years. >>> we got an update from the national hurricane center. maria molina has been tracking the path. what's the latest information? >> the latest information is now sandy is stronger it has maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. the pressure has continued to drop which is a sign that sandy is not only intensifying but forecast to continue to do so. maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour. as far as where it's going the intensity now sandy is stronger that means the impact we have been talking about as far as storm surge and rainfall goes and maximum sustained winds it will be more and more felt across portions of the northeast and mid atlantic. we are expecting significant amounts of snowfall 2-3 feet of snow across the mountains. we have winter weather advisories out there. we ar
. haunted christmas party. nothing can put a damper on the celebration in san francisco. look at this. giants fans lining the streets wearing the team's home day colors of orange and black. a celebration of sunday's world series championship. updating some of our top stories tonight. the president today toured the destruction in jersey along with a new jersey governor chris christie. the president says the feds will be helping in new jersey for the long haul. officials say new jersey transit will remain suspended until workers can remove debris like boats and shipping containers from the track to assess the damage. that's a nightmare. wall street in business after first two day shut down of financial markets in more than a century. and on this day in 1999, a plane filled with more than 200 people crashed off the coast of massachusetts. it was egypt air flight 990, headed from new york to cairo. the flight recorder showed after the captain left the cockpit to go to the restroom, the first officer repeatedly uttered the phrase "i rely on god." then the auto pilot addition engaged and th
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to crank up the negative downtown attacks, trying to reassure the base at a san francisco fundraiser by unleashing this hit on republican mitt romney. >> don't be so polite. don't be so nice. being presented wasn't leadership. that's salesmanship. >> the president's idea of leadership in the final weeks includes an effort to double down on defending big bird. after romney's debate promise to cut government programs like public broadcasting, the alternative is borrowing more money from china. >> elmo, has been seen in a white suburban. driving for border. oscar is hiding out in the trash can. cracking down on him. >> in what may be a sign of brutal attacks ahead, the president is out with a new adadlinking romney to slew of criminals, from bernie madoff to ken lay. >> it's me, big bird. >> big, yellow, menace to the economy. romney knows it's not wall street to worry about. it's "sesame street." >> at a rally at ohio state, entertainer will i. am warmed up the crowd with a familiar song. ♪ republicans today rolled out another star of "sesame street," count to add up since last week'
was advocating education for girls. yesterday in a san francisco fund-raiser, presidents obama saying, today, al qaeda is on its heels. you know -- why is he seeming to make it look so much better with al qaeda, when that's just not the situation? >> he wants to get past november 6. the whole argument is that i brought peace to the world, the tide of war is receding. i think it's almost inevitable, if we withdraw from afghanistan, accord to the president's schedule in 2014, the taliban and al qaeda will take back over again and the human sacrifice we have made, 2,000 americans dead, will have been completely wasted. that's the direction it is going. that's what laura logan was saying. the point she is making is that the radical islam sifts hatred for western society is not something you can correct without force and response. that's the reality t. may be hard fer americans to understand, but that's the. >> greta: you know what i find most distressing. the narrative since the last debate from the obama campaign is that governor romney is a liar. and people are talking about he lied or not. ed a.p
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